It almost seems one would need to have a certain mindset to get your dream job. Stop by this corner of the world. Advancing Women.
  • Did you know that Eleanor Roosevelt resigned from the Daughters of the American Revolution (DAR) when it barred the world-renowned singer Marian Anderson, a black woman, from performing at its Constitution Hall in Washington, DC?
  • 20 Poorest Countries In The World - and you want to run the U.S.A. like this?
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Computer literacy

Get computer savvy and start your own blog. Add your own recipes, create a journal, and share your day or opinions with others around the world. Below are simply a few links to assist you in getting started. Software Savvy is a plus!

Sometimes we put our jobs before our family.



Don't forget to make finding a job your JOB! Take what ever position you can get. to fund looking.

 Plants Indoors and Outdoors

Nice Places in San Antonio to Take your family or just a romantic get away!

It's called, "The Juggle". Children usually let you know when you are not catching all of your oranges.

Nice Places in San Antonio to Take your family or just a romantic get away!






Ever wondered where it all begun? Hope this link helps to point you in a direction of self learning.

No I'm not registered to either party anymore. Both parties have let me down!

UPPORT OUR TROOPS, WE CAN DO THIS TOGETHER! These brave young men and women have dedicated more than half of their lives to protect our freedoms. I refuse to let them down.

Send Care Packages or just a friendly card to our Troopers

 Healthy Woman...more info

• Beauty | Shoes | Bath Supplies | At Home Facials |
| Makeup | Manicures | Pedicures | Hair| Your Smile |OMG 10 Diet Pills that so work!!!

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Your Finances:

Business News



Checking - How to open a checking account and why.

Taxes -

Gasoline -I often wondered why gas stations get to change the price of gasoline tomorrow when they paid a specific price for it yesterday when their tanks were filled.

Stocks -Ever wondered what NASDAQ meant? It is an acronym of National Association of Securities Dealers Automated Quotation.

Savings -Keep your eyes on your savings accounts. Suggestion: If you're married open a joint account but also have open a personal account.


Top 100 Painting tips,

Drawing, Music and more...


Baby Progress Chart from birth to conception. At 5 weeks your little miracle has her eyes, legs and hands. And get this, in just 6 weeks she already has brain activity, mouth, lips and even fingernails. Wow isn't life amazing. It still perplexes me how PETA cares more for a spotted white owl eggs than human life. It's even a federal offense to hard this owl's eggs.


All Missing Person Alerts!

Missing and Exploited Children Let us find these children!

Missing Kyle Fleischmann- Where are you?

Parenting Links

Healthy Children You as the parent decides what is healthy for your children

Pregnant? This is a fun and informative website.

Your Developing Baby-LIFE begins at conception. Only 2weeks after fertilization your baby has made a hell of a journey to get here. Who are you to destroy and not give that life a CHOICE? Think about it Ms./Mr. Pro-Choice Person!

Baby Massage This is just another awesome way to bond with your child.

A Teen Education

Keep your child SAFE

Train up a Child

Check out these Blogs, Informative links or simply create your own.

Kimberly Jessy -That's Pink Entertainment Yes folks, Kimberly Jessy has done it again! There is a talented young woman, who I so admire and who is an anchor in the entertainment industry. You know I don't admire many folks now a days so she has to be a GEM. God bless! Kimbery Jessy...keep on giving us access to the stars we want to see!

Motivation is most valuable when seeking education. I hope this link helps. Never stop educating yourself.

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